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John McBain on the ABC Television Network's "One Life To Live"

Michael Easton originated the role of “One Life to Live’s” John McBain in October 2003. Mr. Easton relocated to New York to join the cast of “OLTL” following his run as the immensely popular vampire, Caleb Morley, on ABC Daytime’s “Port Charles.”

Born in Long Beach, California, Mr. Easton was raised in both the United States and Ireland, the native home of his parents. During high school, he began writing poetry and was inspired by Charles Bukowski and Raymond Carver. In college he had a double major in English and history, with an emphasis on Greek History. Before finishing, he decided to leave school and travel through Europe. He compiled his writing from the trip into a book entitled “Drift.”

Mr. Easton returned from Europe and decided to continue his education at the University of California at Los Angeles. He studied writing and directing, and his last course at UCLA was acting. He started writing plays while in school and performed them in Los Angeles, until he was cast in “Coldfire” in 1990. In 1991 he appeared in the feature films “The Art of Dying” and “The Killing Zone.”

Mr. Easton played “Days of Our Lives’” Tanner Scofield from 1991-1992 and was chosen as one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” of 1992. Following his stint on “Days,” he appeared in the television movie “Shadow of a Stranger” (1992). He then quit acting for almost two years and returned to New York.

In 1994 Mr. Easton returned to acting. His television credits include “VR5,” the Judith Krantz miniseries, “Dazzle,” and a guest starring role on “Diagnosis Murder.” He also wrote, produced, directed and edited the award winning independent film, “Daedalus is Dead.” The film premiered at the British Short Film Festival in 1996 and was honored with the award for Best Dramatic Short at the Sea and Sky Festival in Canada. In 1995 Mr. Easton starred in “The Door” at the Tamarind Theater in Los Angeles. He was then cast in the role of identical twin brothers in Stephen J. Cannell’s action-adventure series, “TWO,” in 1996 and appeared in “413 Hope Street” in 1997.

Mr. Easton became a published poet with “Eighteen Straight Whiskeys” in October 1997. Following “413 Hope Street,” he appeared on “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice.” The same year he was cast in the role of Charlie in the television movie “Murder at Devil’s Creek,” and sold his screenplay based on the life of actor Montgomery Clift. In 1998 he appeared in the Toronto-based Showtime series, “Total Recall 2070,” for which he received a Gemini Award nomination for Best Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. In 2000 he appeared in the miniseries “The ‘70s,” and in 2001 he sold a new screenplay entitled “Hunting Icarus” to Neverland Films.

In 2001 he returned to daytime on ABC’s “Port Charles,” playing twins for a second time in his career -- Caleb and Michael Morley. In 2002 he guest starred on “Mutant X,” and then returned to “PC” until the show’s cancellation in October 2003.

In the fall of 2003 Mr. Easton relocated to New York for his role on “OLTL.”

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Filmography as: Actor, Writer, Director, Himself

Actor - filmography
(2000s) (1990s)

They're Just My Friends (2006) .... Detective McCarthy
"One Life to Live" (1968) TV Series .... Agent/Detective John McBain (2003-present)
"Mutant X"
- The Future Revealed (2002) TV Episode .... Gabriel Ashlocke
- Time Squared (2002) TV Episode .... Gabriel Ashlocke
- Past as Prologue (2002) TV Episode .... Gabriel Ashlocke
- A Breed Apart (2002) TV Episode .... Gabriel Ashlocke
"Diamond Hunters" (2001) (mini) TV Series .... Benedict Van der Byl
- Visit (????) TV Episode .... Timothy Alter
The '70s (2000) (TV) .... Nick

"Total Recall 2070" .... David Hume
... aka Total Recall: The Series (USA)
- Meet My Maker (1999) TV Episode .... David Hume
- Machine Dreams: Part 2 (1999) TV Episode .... David Hume
- Machine Dreams: Part 1 (1999) TV Episode .... David Hume
What We Did That Night (1999) (TV) .... Charlie
... aka Murder at Devil's Glen (UK) (USA)
Total Recall 2070 (1999) (TV) .... David Hume
... aka Total Recall 2070: Machine Dreams (USA: video title)
"The Practice"
- The Battlefield (1998) TV Episode .... Glenn
"Ally McBeal"
- Being There (1998) TV Episode .... Glenn
- The Blame Game (1998) TV Episode .... Glenn
- Cro-Magnon (1998) TV Episode .... Glenn
"413 Hope St." (1997) TV Series .... Nick Carrington (1997-1998)
"Port Charles" (1997) TV Series .... Caleb
... aka Port Charles: Desire (USA: twelfth season title)
... aka Port Charles: Fate (USA: second season title)
... aka Port Charles: Miracles Happen (USA: sixth season title)
... aka Port Charles: Naked Eyes (USA: tenth season title)
... aka Port Charles: Secrets (USA: seventh season title)
... aka Port Charles: Superstitions (USA: eighth season title)
... aka Port Charles: Surrender (USA: eleventh season title)
... aka Port Charles: Tainted Love (USA: fourth season title)
... aka Port Charles: Tempted (USA: fifth season title)
... aka Port Charles: The Gift (USA: last season title)
... aka Port Charles: Time In a Bottle (USA: third season title)
... aka Port Charles: Torn (USA: ninth season title)
"Two" (1996) TV Series .... Gus McClain/Booth Hubbard
Dazzle (1995) (TV) .... Nick
... aka Judith Krantz's 'Dazzle' (USA: complete title)
"VR.5" .... Duncan
... aka VR (Australia)
- 5D (????) TV Episode .... Duncan
"Diagnosis Murder"
- Shaker (1994) TV Episode .... Rick Bennett
Shadow of a Stranger (1992) (TV) .... Shawn
One Stormy Night (1992) (TV) .... Tanner Scofield
... aka Days of Our Lives: One Stormy Night (USA)
"Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series .... Tanner Scofield (1991-1992)
... aka Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives (new title (summer title))
... aka DOOL (USA: informal short title)
... aka Days (USA: short title)
The Art of Dying (1991) .... Bobby
The Killing Zone (1991)
... aka Encuentro final (USA: Spanish title)
Coldfire (1990) .... Jake Edwards

Filmography as: Actor, Writer, Director, Himself

Writer - filmography

Monty (2001)

Filmography as: Actor, Writer, Director, Himself

Director - filmography

Daedalus Is Dead (1996)

Filmography as: Actor, Writer, Director, Himself

Himself - filmography
(2000s) (1990s)

"The View"
- Episode dated 8 February 2006 (2006) TV Episode .... Himself
The 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2005) (TV) .... Himself - Presenter
18th Annual Soap Opera Digest Awards (2003) (TV) .... Himself

"The Jon Stewart Show"
- Episode dated 3 April 1994 (1994) TV Episode


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