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This site is dedicated to actor/writer Michael Easton. Michael currently stars on ABC's One Life To Live Daytime Drama as Lt John McBain. Previously Michael Starred on ABC's Daytime Drama Port Charles as the Vampire Caleb Morley. Michael has had many roles in Daytime, Prime Time and Movies. He also is a published author and has written both screenplays and stage plays.

Date of birth
15 February 1967Long Beach, California, USA

Born in California to Irish parents, Michael Easton attended prep school.

He lived in both Ireland and the USA.

He is married to Ginevra Arabia

Michael Easton Quote

"I had a hard time dealing with what I wanted to do with my life"


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Poetry by Michael


And Stoned.
Takin' Blues
and playing checkers.

Just thinking that someday
I may want to live forever.

Learn more about Michael's Book of Poetry "Eighteen Straight Whiskey's"


Check out our Affiliate Michael Easton Place

 Check out our Affiliate Michael Easton Place

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